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  • Anton Babenko

    Anton Babenko

    AWS Community Hero / Terraform fanatic — weekly.tf + http://bit.ly/terraform-youtube

  • Abdullah AYDIN

    Abdullah AYDIN

    Growth addict | Helping Individuals transform | Getting Teams Unstuck | Interview Coach at www.ghire.coach

  • Nishi Kashyap

    Nishi Kashyap

    Doing what I HAVE to…to do what I WANT to

  • OneMinute Blog

    OneMinute Blog

  • Anke Stoneman

    Anke Stoneman

  • Adrian Hornsby

    Adrian Hornsby

    Principal, EC2 Core @awscloud ☁️ I break stuff .. mostly. Opinions here are my own.

  • Bastiane Huang

    Bastiane Huang

    Humans, Minds, Machines ✉ bastiane.substack.com - human learning x machine learning, future of life & work, technology x business.

  • Rob Sutter

    Rob Sutter

    FaaS/Serverless Junkie, Entrepreneur, Former Diplomat (but still diplomatic… mostly)

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