Gotchas in AWS DataSync for in-cloud data transfers in 2021

When I was tasked with installing a DataSync agent on EC2 to transfer data from its filesystem to S3, I had some questions.

“Why not skip EC2 and sync directly from the EFS filesystem?” “How does the networking work if I skip the EC2 step?”

The answers to these questions and a few errors were not apparent to me from StackOverflow or the AWS documentation, but through experimentation and a call with AWS Support, I figured out the solutions.

In the end, it turns out that syncing data from an Amazon EFS file share in a private subnet to Amazon…

Yann Stoneman

Solutions Architect @Smartronix. 11x AWS, 6x Azure, and 1x in GCP, Docker & ITIL. Opinions expressed in this blog are my own. Find me on YouTube!

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